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Dear Guest,

We are deeply honored to organize an international conference which reunites outstanding students in the field of Science from all over the world, here in Cluj-Napoca.

The secondary educational system in Cluj county, is one of the best in Romania; we have obtained good results at national exams and competitions, being at the same time a permanent presence in international competitions,especially in Sciences and Arts. Moreover, Cluj county School Inspectorate has organized successfully numerous national educational events.

Therefore, we hope to be able to create the suitable environment both for performance and friendship in the city of Cluj-Napoca,so as to make the participants perceive the event not only as an opportunity to show off their competences in their field of interest (Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Environmental Science and Life Science), but also as an occasion to make friends with people with similar preoccupations.

We sincerely appreciate your efforts to prepar for this conference and we congratulate you on choosing Romania and Cluj-Napoca as a place for Science.

Not last but least we, the local Organizing Team want to assure you that we will do our best to make your experience in Cluj a very pleasant one. Best of luck!

Chief Inspector of Cluj county Inspectorate,

Valentin Claudiu Cuibus